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Optimize Recruiter Efficiency with Candidate 360 by Leoforce


Our goal at Leoforce has always been to empower recruiters with the right tools for overcoming the challenge of sourcing the most compatible talent faster than the competition. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Arya’s Candidate 360 – a powerful, recruiter-centric feature that gives recruiters more than just a glimpse of who a candidate is.

With candidate 360, you get a holistic, 360-degree view of a candidate’s professional story and career journey. The result – deep insights into candidate compatibility based on multiple parameters, culture fit, and job matches. From a single dashboard, you can view, review, shortlist, reject, and connect with candidates within a matter of minutes, reduce sourcing costs, and take back your time to focus on what matters most – building strong relationships with candidates.

Leoforce CEO, Madhu Modugu had this to say: “We’re really excited to introduce Candidate 360 to our clients and partners. This feature was specifically designed to take some of the burden off recruiters in terms of process, but to also provide a much deeper level of insight into their candidate pipelines,” He also stated. “It adds a whole new level of value to Arya users by speeding up outreach and submit-to-interview time. With the Find Matching Jobs option in Candidate 360, it also opens up more opportunities for candidates across the board.”

Overview of How it Works

New Candidate Card Tabular Design

With the new candidate card design, recruiters can now get a quick snapshot of each candidate sourced and their information. The candidate card will include the candidate’s name, source channel, position, company, experience, skills, and education. Users can hover over each of these identifiers for the full list without clicking on the card.

The new design also visually includes each candidate’s score. From the same candidate card, you can download a candidate’s resume, update contact information, shortlist or reject a candidate, write notes, and create tags for better identification.

Candidate Intel

Get even more insights into a candidate and what makes them compatible with Candidate Intel. Click on the Candidate Intel tab and get a detailed breakdown of the candidate’s overall score and how well they align with the job requirements. You can also gain an understanding of how relevant their skills are to the job, or how easy it might be for them to acquire the relevant skills.

Candidate 360 Find Matching Jobs

Arya can also list other open job requisitions matching a candidate’s profile helping recruiters retain talent who may not be interested in a current role, engaged and nurtured for future roles. This helps decrease the time for new candidate outreach and response, as well as improve submit-to-interview-to-hire ratio for different jobs, because recruiters already have a nurtured list of qualified candidates available to submit.

Promising to be a game-changer for the staffing and recruiting industry, Candidate 360 solves a myriad of common recruitment challenges and delivers tangible benefits to users.

Summary of Benefits

  • A new tabular design that is intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Complete 360-degree holistic view of candidate history from sourcing, shortlisting, outreach and communication across jobs
  • Advanced job matching capability with more opportunities per candidate
  • Enhanced recruiter collaboration and key insights into actions with every candidate profile
  • Reduced cost to recruit per candidate, while improving submit-to-interview-to-hire-ratio
  • Drastically reduced candidate outreach and engagement time for every job with better nurture strategy
  • Updated contacts & resumes for outreach, as well as a single dashboard to view, review, shortlist, reject and connect with candidates

Innovating into the Future

Candidate 360 is just one more step towards Leoforce’s mission to deliver cutting edge solutions that streamline the recruiting, hiring, and job search process.

Leoforce Product Marketing Director, Ipsita Debnath believes Candidate 360 has the potential to dramatically increase recruiter efficiency, “Sourcing processes that take too much time are the biggest challenge for recruiters. Giving recruiters back their time was our primary goal with Candidate 360. Being able to view, review, shortlist, reject and connect with candidates from a single dashboard is going to be a game changer that does more than save time. It cuts costs and give recruiters the ability to nurture relevant candidates faster for multiple roles.”

As Arya continues to innovate and evolve, the future of AI-assisted recruiting looks incredibly promising. But we’re not stopping there! Our development team is constantly looking for ways to enhance Arya’s capabilities and to introduce even more features that make a recruiter’s life easier. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and if you’d like to see Candidate 360 in action for yourself, book a free demo today!

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