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How to maximize your hidden recruiting potential in 2022


A spike in job vacancies and a rise in unemployment at the end of last year served as a microcosm of the tumultuous 2021 job market, which included labor and budget scarcity. Despite a recovery in employment statistics, labor participation is still well below pre-pandemic levels, and hiring teams face further obstacles this year.

So how can you maximize your recruiting potential this year amidst all of this? Here are a few ways to get on a roll.

Adapt to the current climate

Recruiting departments will still have their work cut out for them in 2022. Rising inflation, a new COVID-19 variant, changing workplace policies and laws, and higher expectations from job seekers demand new techniques from recruiting teams to assure a positive ROI on corporate hiring budgets.

All of this can be overwhelming, and well, it is. The techniques you’ll need to adapt, and implement are technologically based. The good news is, technology and recruiting tools are constantly evolving and adapting to the current climate in the workplace. All you need to do is use them! This can eliminate your chances of becoming a recruiting dinosaur and having your hiring methods fall flat.

Get to know your talent market

As an employer, you may have a grip on what roles you need to be filled and when you need them, but do you know the talent market well enough to match and fill those jobs with the best fit? Do you know what their expectations are and what candidates are demanding in the current climate? Do you know what others are paying for similar roles? If you’re struggling to fill jobs or match jobs with the right candidate, you may need to get to know your market a little better.

This doesn’t mean having a sit-down coffee chit chat or holding a Zoom conversation with each prospect to discuss their hobbies and 5-year goals. Incorporate some market data in your hiring process and learn how to screen and match more efficiently. Sounds like a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo and don’t know where to start? Here’s a very simple way to do this:

Use AI recruiting software to assist with market intelligence

Instead of trying to piece together random chunks of information and interpret them yourself, you can use an AI market intelligence tool to help you. With AI, it won’t be random pieces of information stitched together enforcing you to make ill-informed decisions. AI tools are specifically designed to cater to your needs, understand your candidate market, interpret work history, experience, education and more to best match them with your open jobs. However, not all AI recruiting tools are made equal. Some offer no market intelligence to help you make decisions. Others don’t apply market intelligence to help you build a strong, diverse candidate pipeline. AI recruiting tools should help you achieve your business goals; not just fill a job.

Arya Quantum and Fusion by Leoforce integrate market intelligence into the sourcing tool. So, you can define and refine your search based on solid metrics around the companies, industries, salaries and locations relevant to the job you’re sourcing.

Take advantage of advertising efforts

Advertising your job posts is an effective way to get an influx of motivated candidates to see your open jobs. The catch is, you’ll need to front the cost and allow recruiting tech tools to help you. However, if you’re going the bargain route and trying to post and advertise jobs yourself, and decide the best places to advertise your job, you may not get the results.

So, what do you need to help advertise your job? Here are a few things to add to your checklist:

Hire a good team

As a recruiter, you’re going to need more than just your efforts to get to the final process of hiring a candidate. From research, to marketing, to communicating and interviewing, there’s a quite a few roles needed and steps it takes to get there. If you are a small company with limited resources, do you really need to hire an agency to research and provide you with a list of qualified candidates to help fill your open positions?

That may make sense for you, but most recruitment services have monthly fees, high commissions, and strict contracts. An alternative for infrequent hirers is Arya Pulse, which helps you fill a job at a flat rate per job, with no contract needed. Before you choose a direction, you’ll need to determine what’s right for you.

Utilize job advertising tools

Social media may be the first thing that comes to mind when promoting a job, but you want to do it the professional way, not the influencer way. Using social media ad tools like Facebook to promote your job can be tricky as the social media algorithm can be quite skewed, according to University of Sothern California researchers.

Although professional sites like LinkedIn are more appropriate in advertising your jobs, not everyone is applying to just one website. You need a tool like Arya Quantum that’s able to advertise your job across multiple sites and job boards to gain more reach and candidate engagement.

With a look back at 2021, it is hard to forecast what the new year has in store for recruiters. While the outlook for talent acquisition is expected to change over the next few years, these recruiting methods are fail-proof and can get you the results you need to reach your recruiting goals this year.

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