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Direct Sourcing

A fractured economy, the rising demand for more diversity in the workforce, and fierce competition for top talent has businesses today facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to talent acquisition.

One recruiting solution gaining traction is Direct Sourcing. No longer just a contingent workforce solution, Direct Sourcing has become a mainstream solution across the spectrum of business and enterprises of all sizes.

In this paper, we will be exploring:

  • Definition of direct sourcing and its evolution into mainstream recruiting
  • What problems does direct sourcing potentially solve?
  • Benefits of incorporating direct sourcing into your recruiting strategy
  • The roadmap to building an effective direct sourcing program
  • Must-haves in a direct sourcing technology platform

Choosing the right AI-driven technology to power your direct sourcing program is critical to getting it off the ground successfully and reaping the tangible benefits. Having a single direct sourcing technology platform that also addresses other recruiting challenges and drives more efficient processes can ensure you achieve maximum ROI.

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