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Hiring for Manufacturing Industry Hiring for Manufacturing Industry

Recruiting solutions for manufacturing

Manufacturing jobs are in high demand. Recruiting for manufacturing talent when every industry is competing for the same candidates can be overwhelming. Arya, AI recruiting software, gives manufacturing recruiters an advantage with a consolidated list of high-quality applicants.

Why manufacturing recruiters choose Arya

Recruiting for manufacturing often has great difficulty, and the cost of unfilled positions is high. If an assembly or production line role is vacant or understaffed, the entire department is disrupted. Arya gives manufacturing recruiters a competitive edge. Our AI recruitment platform finds the right people from our proprietary database of more than 800 million workers.


Arya uncovers hidden talent conventional AI tools miss.

Union 32

Artificial Intuition delivers talent more likely to succeed.

Group 215

Arya helps meet diversity goals with less time and expense.


Arya integrates with the organization’s current tech stack.

Union 15

Arya streamlines and personalizes talent engagement.


Source more diverse talent right out of the box

In addition to recruiting manufacturing talents, Arya helps your organization meet its individual diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals with less expense and time. With Arya, there’s no need to rely on specialty job boards, complicate your workflows, or invest in new technology. You get a more diverse pipeline every day, for any job, because diversity options are built in.

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The power to scale up
your recruiting

You see a single, de-duplicated, scored pipeline from your ATS, job board accounts, and our own proprietary pool of 800 million+ candidates. Arya also learns your methodology of employee recruitment in manufacturing industry as you grow and gets even smarter about identifying ideal candidates for similar roles.

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Arya goes beyond
Artificial Intelligence

Don’t settle for candidates that simply match keywords. Our Artificial Intuition goes beyond AI to find candidates most likely to succeed in the job.

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Arya Applicant Tracking Systems

Integrates with your ATS
or VMS

Use an ATS? Arya is built on an open platform, which means it can integrate with many Applicant Tracking Systems and Vendor Management systems to supercharge your recruiting and enable candidate rediscovery.

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Find more compatible candidates with Talent Intelligence.

Discover how Arya goes beyond conventional AI recruiting.