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Better recruiting outcomes with Arya

Arya goes beyond conventional AI recruiting

Finding compatible, quality candidates is harder than ever in today’s candidate-driven market. Arya Artificial Intuition can give you an edge on the competition.

The Arya advantage


Arya uncovers hidden talent conventional AI tools miss.

Union 32

The Artificial Intuition within Arya delivers talent more likely to succeed.

Group 215

Arya helps meet diversity goals with less time and expense.


Arya integrates with the organization’s current tech stack.

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Arya streamlines and personalizes talent engagement.


Expand your candidate pipeline

Expand your reach and simultaneously consolidate your talent pool Arya instantly gives you access to more than 150 million active job seekers and 650 million passive candidates. You can leverage this pool for more aggressive outbound recruiting to supplement your own internal database and job board subscriptions.

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Meet diversity hiring goals

Diversity hiring is in built into Arya Arya helps your organization meet its individual diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals with less expense and time. With Arya, there’s no need to rely on specialty job boards, complicate your workflows, or invest in new technology. You get a more diverse pipeline every day, for any job, because diversity options are built in.

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Target more compatible talent

Go beyond qualified…to more likely to succeed With more than 300 people and job attributes, Arya goes beyond AI to deliver Artificial Intuition: a more complete understanding of people, job, and what makes them compatible. With Arya, you get candidate who are not only qualified, but more likely to succeed in the role and the hiring organization.

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Arya Applicant Tracking Systems

Integrate with your ATS

Get more sourcing power with your current tech and workflows Built on an open API platform, the Arya AI sourcing tool can integrate seamlessly into your applicant tracking system (ATS) and vendor management system (VMS). You keep your familiar workflows, while speeding up sourcing, holding down costs, and increasing candidate quality.

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Empower your direct sourcing with Arya

Rediscover and repurpose existing and growing talent pools Arya can take your direct sourcing to the next level with a full suite of AI-driven solutions that allow you to create, engage and nurture your own curated talent pools.

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actionable stratagies

Transform market insights into actionable strategies

Quickly design and execute more effective talent initiatives Capitalize on AI-powered market intelligence to develop data-driven sourcing stratigies that increase compatible candidates, reduce costs and boost efficiency.

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Brands growing with Arya

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Cheryl Trigo - Vice President, Sourcing & Implementation JCSI Recruitment

"Before Arya, we typically sourced 6-10 quality candidates per hour. After just a couple of days with Arya, we’ve increased that to 50+ quality candidates per hour! I can't live without Arya now."

Cheryl Trigo
Vice President, Sourcing & Implementation JCSI Recruitment
Jack Farrell - Owner, QuickRecruit

"Before it would take me probably three to four weeks. Now I'm finding people, sourcing them, talking to them, bringing them to the hiring manager, and getting a verbal offer out anywhere from a week to ten days. So for me, it's been literally a godsend."

Jack Farrell
Owner, QuickRecruit

"With Arya Pulse, Bashyam was finally able to focus on business and let us cut through the clutter and deliver great candidates. “There’s a lot of value to that. You’re basically making us more efficient in the recruiting process,” said Bashyam."

Murali Bashyam
Managing Partner, Bashyam Shah LLC

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Find more compatible candidates with Talent Intelligence.

Discover how Arya goes beyond conventional AI recruiting.