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Rediscover and repurpose existing and growing talent pools with Arya

Fierce competition for top talent has many businesses turning to direct sourcing solutions to reach their talent acquisition goals. Arya can take your direct sourcing to the next level with a full suite of AI-driven solutions that allow you to create, engage and nurture your own curated talent pools.

Empower your direct sourcing with Arya

Maximize ROI by capitalizing on talent you’ve already paid for

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Tap into your own hidden pools of talent and rediscover valuable candidate resources.

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Decrease cost of hire by capitalizing on talent you’ve already invested in.

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Fast-track candidate engagement with multichannel communication dashboard and chatbot.


Integrate Arya seamlessly into your own tech to amplify your direct sourcing strategy


Reduce time-to-hire by rediscovering and re-engaging with candidates

The streamlined multichannel communication dashboard makes it fast and easy to engage candidates from your own direct sourcing talent pools, allowing you to fill more jobs faster and helping you make the most of the curated talent you’ve already paid for.

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Transform key market insights into actionable strategies

Leverage the advanced market intelligence capabilities in Arya to forecast and strategically plan your direct sourcing roadmap.

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04 Increase Applicant Quality

Arya increases applicant quality

The Artificial Intuition in Arya scores and ranks applicants using more than 300 attributes other AI tools miss. You get a consolidated list of high-quality candidates who are more likely to excel in the job.

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Develop your own rules-based talent segments

Develop your own rules-based talent segments

Arya enables you to create customized talent segments using whatever parameters you choose (i.e. industry, job title, geographical region and more) powering your direct sourcing model with fast retargeting capability.

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Brands growing with Arya.

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What is direct sourcing?

Direct sourcing is the process of using your existing candidate talent pool to fill temporary vacancies. This pool of candidates can include ex-employees, retirees or even applicants under process. The core strategy is to recruit with your own resources and tools without relying on any third-party.

What are the benefits of direct sourcing?

Using direct sourcing solutions can help achieve your recruitment requirements economically and efficiently in the following ways:

  • Cost saving with onboarding contingent workers
  • Nurturing the right talent for future roles
  • Faster hiring cycles with responsive engagement
  • Better employer branding for a diverse workforce

Direct vs indirect sourcing – What is the difference?

Direct sourcing is the strategy of finding potential candidates on using your own internal talent acquisition team, while indirect sourcing typically involves working with recruiting or third-party staffing agencies to source candidates.

How do I know if Direct Sourcing is right for my organization?

Opportunities for direct sourcing in recruitment arise in case of high volume hiring of a similar skill set in geographically concentrated locations. You will also have the ability to forecast vacancies in advance, and to track and filter potential candidates already within reach in a timely fashion.