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Diversity hiring…simplified

Arya helps your organization meet its individual diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals with less expense and time. With Arya, there’s no need to rely on specialty job boards, complicate your workflows, or invest in new technology. You get a more diverse pipeline every day, for any job, because diversity is built in.

Arya finds more diverse candidates faster

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Arya consolidates diverse candidates from all your sources into one list.


Diversity options are applicable per-job and per-user.

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There’s no need to rely on expensive diversity job boards.

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More diversity without touching your tech stack or blowing up your workflows.

A more diverse pipeline every day

Unlock more diverse talent with our intelligent recruiting software.


Accelerate your diversity hiring goals

Source more diverse talent right out the box Arya helps your organization meet its individual diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals, with no-cost options to fine-tune your diversity goals. There’s no need to pay for specialty job boards or complicate your workflows.

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Candidate masking for unbiased results

Reduce unconscious recruiter bias with Arya Every recruiter is subject to unconscious bias. Without knowing it, we all make judgments based on a person’s name, school, or other data not truly relevant to a person’s likely success in a job. As an option, Arya can mask certain candidate data during the sourcing phase, so recruiters can evaluate candidates on the skills and experience that really matter.

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Promote protected classes in your pipeline

Many organizations need help meeting specific diversity goals more quickly – for gender, veteran status, and ethnicity. That’s why Arya offers additional DEI capabilities in Arya Fusion and Quantum, at no additional cost, to help customers promote likely members of protected classes in their pipeline.

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Take action from advanced diversity reporting

Arya helps you track your results with advanced reporting analytics With diversity hiring reports, Arya can assist leaders and recruiters in establishing organizational benchmarks, measuring progress, and providing actionable diversity insights. Using advanced analytics, data visualization, and interactive dashboards, DEI KPIs can easily be monitored and reported.

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