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Talent more likely to succeed

You see it all the time: a candidate looks good on paper but they’re not an ideal match for your company. With Artificial Intuition, Arya unlocks talent more likely to succeed, not just those who match keywords. Arya looks deeper, at the more subtle aspects of a person’s entire career journey to uncover qualified candidates other AI systems might miss.

Target more compatible talent with Arya

Go beyond just matching resumes to jobs.


Arya profiles talent and jobs using more than 300 attributes, many ignored by conventional AI.

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Arya promotes candidates who are not only qualified, but more likely to succeed.


Arya helps recruiters make more data-driven decisions with its built-in market and job intelligence.

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Like a recruiting pro, Arya learns and improves with experience.


Discover hidden talent

Discover qualified talent other AI tools could miss Conventional AI solutions may ignore factors that make a particular candidate a better fit. Arya has the people and job intelligence to move beyond just excluding candidates, helping you discover the hidden talent missed by other solutions.

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Make data-driven decisions

Arya improves decision-making with market and job intelligence The more and better data you have, the better hiring decisions you can make. Arya gives you rich insights from multiple data partners about jobs and the job market that help you target the right candidates with a more informed strategy.

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Promote more diverse talent

Target candidates that help you meet diversity goals Arya helps your organization meet its individual diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals, with no-cost options to fine-tune your diversity goals. There’s no need to pay for specialty job boards or complicate your workflows.

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Find more compatible candidates with Talent Intelligence.

Discover how Arya goes beyond conventional AI recruiting.