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Arya Quantum:
Smarter AI recruiting
integrated with your ATS

Source and match more compatible candidates

Ideally suited for large enterprises and staffing firms in North America, Arya matches people to jobs using hundreds of attributes most AI recruitment software ignore. With more intelligence about people, jobs, and what makes them compatible, Arya recruiting software delivers candidates more likely to succeed.

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Supercharge your ATS with the best Talent Intelligence platform

AI search and match

AI search and match

Built on multiple ML models, Arya matches jobs and relevant candidates more accurately than any other ATS or AI tools on the market.


Discover new talent 

The largest talent database of 850M+ sourced from 70+ platforms enables you to discover new talents you may miss using traditional methods.

Reduce sourcing time

Reduce sourcing time

Arya simultaneously sources, scores, and ranks candidate profiles, presented in a unified list, for 90% of jobs in under 5 mins. 


Multiply interview pipeline 

Only AI platform that uses 7 multi-dimensions and 300 attributes to score and rank talent, reducing shortlisting time by 50% and accelerating the interview pipeline. 

Fill niche and critical positions

Fill niche and critical positions

Arya helps recruiters identify the most effective sourcing parameters around key elements like talent cluster, skill set distribution, compensation, and more.

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Eliminate recruitment bias

Built-in diversity indicators deliver diverse candidates but eliminate bias by maintaining talent scoring and integrity.

Drive better recruiting outcomes with Arya Quantum

Unlock top talent with our hiring solutions.


The power to scale up your recruiting

With Arya data-driven recruiting software, you see a single, de-duplicated, scored pipeline from your ATS, job board accounts, and our own proprietary pool of 850 million+ candidates. Arya also learns as you grow and gets even smarter about identifying ideal candidates for similar roles.

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Source more diverse talent right out of the box

Arya helps your organization meet its individual diversity, equity, and inclusion – DEI hiring goals, with no-cost options to fine-tune your diversity goals. With Arya AI talent acquisition software, there’s no need to pay for specialty job boards or complicate your workflows.

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Arya goes beyond
Artificial Intelligence

Don’t settle for a recruiting tool that sources candidates that simply match keywords. Our Talent Intelligence platform goes beyond simple AI to find candidates most likely to succeed.

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Engage candidates from one dashboard

Our candidate engagement feature lets you communicate with candidates through one simple interface, with chatbot automation and one-to-one or one-to-many communication via email, text, and talk.

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Cheryl Trigo - Vice President, Sourcing & Implementation JCSI Recruitment

"Before Arya, we typically sourced 6-10 quality candidates per hour. After just a couple of days with Arya, we’ve increased that to 50+ quality candidates per hour! I can't live without Arya now."

Cheryl Trigo
Vice President, Sourcing & Implementation JCSI Recruitment
Lordes Ann M

"I find the Arya tool user-friendly and easy. The quantity of candidates it produces within seconds is amazing. The only job our team will do is to review the leads if it fits and adjust the search parameters whenever needed. We also like the Market research option which helps us present better data to our clients."

Lordes Ann M
Global Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, IBM

Frequently asked questions

What is Arya Quantum and what does it do?

Arya Quantum by Leoforce is the AI recruitment software that helps HR departments, recruiting process outsourcers (RPOs), and staffing agencies find and qualify better job candidates more efficiently. Using AI and machine learning, Arya Quantum sources and qualifies candidates from inside and outside the hiring company and aggregates all the best candidates into a single, easy-to-manage list.

Is Arya Quantum an intelligent robot that replaces recruiters?

Absolutely not. No AI recruitment software will ever replace recruiters in the most critical parts of hiring. Arya Quantum is simply a hiring software that uses AI to streamline and automate a lot of repetitive sourcing tasks. The result is that recruiters spend less time scrambling and more time doing what they do best: building relationships with promising talents and strategically growing the workforce.

So how does Arya Quantum AI help me source better job candidates?

The AI Arya uses differs because it goes far beyond traditional AI, often limited to keyword matching and the most superficial aspects of candidate profiles. Arya uses multiple machine learning models so that its AI accurately searches and matches candidates. Only Arya delivers Talent Intelligence, yielding deeper insights into candidates by analyzing the more complex patterns of a person’s entire career journey. Our hiring software matches these patterns to your specific job requirements to better pinpoint the right candidate, for the right job, at the right time in the candidate’s career. Our recruiting software focuses on finding the candidates most likely to succeed in your open job, not just those who check all the boxes in your job description.

Candidate communications is a big challenge. Can Arya Quantum help?

Yes! The Connect feature within Arya lets you communicate with candidates through one simple yet powerful interface. Its CRM-like capabilities deliver chatbot automation and one-to-one or one-to-many communication via email, text, and direct dial. You can customize automated templates for drip campaigns and develop chatbot scripts for specific jobs. With real-time data, including the number of emails sent, opened, unopened, and clicked, you can experiment with your communication strategy and determine what works best.

How does Arya Quantum make a recruiter’s job easier?

Many recruiters spend all day searching, posting to, and monitoring multiple job candidate sources. Why can’t a recruiter just enter a job once and see results from all their job sources? Well, they can! With Arya Quantum, just enter your job info once and see results from all your job sources. Arya AI recruitment software delivers a single, de-duplicated, stack-ranked list of best-fit candidates matched to your specific jobs. Candidates can be sourced from your ATS, job board accounts, and our own proprietary pool of 850 million+ active and passive candidates across the globe.

I’ve used other AI recruiting software before, and I wasn’t impressed.

Most AI recruiting tools are ineffective because they just match keywords in your job description with terms in employee profiles. While candidates may appear qualified on paper, any human can perceive that they are unprepared for the position. Additionally, some AI hiring software that attempted to recreate the hiring patterns of successful former employees ended up repeating the company's mistakes, misinterpreting cultural nuances, limiting diversity, and institutionalizing bias.

I already have an applicant tracking system (ATS). The last thing need is more technology!

We get it! Juggling multiple hiring software solutions just makes life more complicated. But Arya Quantum is designed to slip easily into your current recruiting workflow and seamlessly integrate with the ATS you’ve already invested in.
Once integrated, your ATS is enhanced by our AI recruitment software with candidate sourcing, scoring, and engagement features — for both internal and external hiring.

How much more efficient can the recruiting team become?

In one case study with a staffing agency using Arya recruiting software, we measured the following improvements in the recruiting process:
• Up to 50% lower sourcing costs
• Up to 200% higher sourcing quality
• Up to 80% increase in recruiter productivity
• Up to 60% increase in recruiter hires.
Clearly, Arya Quantum is the AI hiring software that amplifies the capabilities of any recruiting team, while saving time and budget.

Find more compatible candidates with Talent Intelligence.

Discover how Arya goes beyond conventional AI recruiting.