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Corporate recruiters

Facing the perfect storm of a candidate-driven market, a massive labor shortage and stiff competition for top talent, recruiters are looking for innovative AI recruiting solutions to set themselves apart.

Why corporate recruiters use Arya

If you’re looking for a stand-alone AI recruiting solution to scale your business, Arya Fusion can put you on the fast track to productivity. Need an AI tool that seamlessly integrates with your existing ATS? Arya Quantum has you covered.

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Improve results and reduce costs when you integrate Arya into your recruiting and hiring process.

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Streamline your workflows and boost productivity by consolidating all your candidate sources into one easy-to-manage list.

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Find more compatible candidates who are not just qualified, but are more likely to thrive in their role.

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Meet diversity hiring goals at no extra cost by eliminating unconscious bias and promoting members of protected classes in your pipeline.


Streamline the recruiting process

Record-breaking labor shortages and a job market where candidates have the upper hand result in fierce competition for quality candidates. You can’t afford to waste time. Arya puts all your qualified candidates in one easy-to-manage list.

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Connect the right people
to the right positions

Finding qualified candidates is only half the battle for recruiters and staffing agencies. Filling jobs with compatible candidates who quickly adapt and thrive in the role is the other half.

That’s where Artificial Intuition and People Intelligence by Arya comes in. Using over 300 attributes, our AI looks deeper into the job and candidate. The result – compatible candidates who are more likely to succeed in the role.

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Meet target goals for
diversity and inclusion

In a volatile job market with a limited supply of candidates, sourcing quality candidates in general is hard enough. But meeting your company’s diversity goals at the same time can make recruiting even more challenging.

Arya simplifies the process with built-in diversity features and no-cost options for masking identifying candidate data to eliminate unconscious bias.

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Arya Applicant Tracking Systems

Integrates with your ATS
or VMS

Use an ATS? Arya is built on an open platform, which means it can integrate with many Applicant Tracking Systems and Vendor Management systems to supercharge your recruiting and enable candidate rediscovery.

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Find more compatible candidates with Talent Intelligence.

Discover how Arya goes beyond conventional AI recruiting.