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Applicants On Demand : Automate Your High-Volume Hiring

Arya does the sourcing for you

With applicants on demand, you get more than just candidates. Arya’s advanced AI and talent intelligence identifies, engages, and delivers highly qualified applicants directly into your ATS.

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AI-Sourced Talent on Demand

01 AI powered search and match copy

AI-powered search and match

Integrated into your job feed, Arya searches 850m+ profiles to match the right talent to roles they are likely to succeed in.

02 Engaged and nurtured talent copy

Engaged and nurtured talent

Arya engages and nurtures qualified talent throughout the entire process, while you only pay for the qualified applicants you get.

03 Scored and ranked applicants copy

Scored and ranked applicants

Applicants are scored and ranked for compatibility and returned through your ATS to be managed through your standard hiring process.

04 Pay per applicant pricing copy

Pay per applicant pricing

A true pay-per-applicant performance model - you only pay for engaged and verified applicants, delivered to your ATS.

05 No up front or added cost copy

No up-front or added cost

No set up fee or other up-front cost. A simple pay-per-applicant fees to engage high-quality talent up front.

06 Seasonal on demand hiring agility copy

Seasonal on-demand hiring agility

Scale up your recruiting during peak hiring seasons and scale it down during low demand, without worrying about additional technology or resource costs.

Drive Powerful Outcomes with Applicants on Demand

Get better results faster with Arya.

Improve Efficiency and Accelerate Hiring copy

Improve Efficiency and Accelerate Hiring

Accelerate hiring during peak seasons by spending more time talking to qualified candidates, and less time wasted on the heavy lifting of sourcing top talent.

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Reduce Spend

Reduce Spend

Save money and manage your budget better with no up-front fees, and get 5X return on your investment with predictable cost-per-applicant pricing.

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Scale Your Business

Scale Your Business

Arya automates your high-volume hiring allowing you to accept more business during peak hiring seasons. Maximize your hiring budget and scale your business faster by partnering with us.

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Improve Applicant Quality

Improve Applicant Quality

Arya’s advanced search and match capability + talent scoring and ranking improves applicant quality dramatically, allowing you to move applicants faster through your recruiting funnel, resulting in improved time-to-source and time-to-hire.

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On Demand Staffing FAQ

What is Applicant or Talent on Demand?

Arya Applicants on Demand by Leoforce is a service that takes the heavy lifting of sourcing off your HR team. Instead of endlessly searching for the right candidates, Arya identifies, engages and delivers AI qualified applicants directly into your ATS.

What is the cost per applicant?

Cost per applicant is the average spend by a company on each candidate who applies for a job.

How does Arya Applicants on Demand make recruiting and hiring easier?

Many recruiters and hiring teams spend 50% of their time sourcing compatible candidates. With Arya’s Applicants on Demand service, that time is returned to your team to focus on the important tasks of managing the actual hiring process. Why? Because Arya does the sourcing for you!

How does Arya Applicants on Demand ensure I get qualified applicants?

Arya goes beyond basic skills matching and scores and ranks talent based on deep compatibility to the role you're sourcing. The most qualified candidates rise to the surface to be engaged and nurtured before they are delivered back through your ATS, ensuring you get the right applicants for the role.

What are the benefits of talent on-demand?

The benefits of talent on-demand include reducing cost per applicant, while having more control of quality of hire.

What is Pay-per-applicant pricing model?

Pay-per-applicant is an innovative pricing model by hiring service providers under which the platform only receives payment by a recruiter once a qualified applicant applies.

Is Arya’s Applicants on Demand going to increase my recruiting costs?

Absolutely not. In fact, because you only pay for the qualified applicants you get, Applicants on Demand can reduce sourcing cost per applicant and help you manage your budget more effectively.

Join hundreds of companies reaping the benefits of Applicants on Demand. Partner with us to scale your business without adding infrastructure or additional costly resources.