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Transform market insights into actionable solutions

Capitalize on AI-powered market intelligence to develop data-driven sourcing strategies that increase compatible candidates, reduce costs and boost efficiency.

Quickly design and execute more effective talent initiatives

Leverage real-time market insights to identify:

01Skill set-01

Skill distribution across potential talent

02Industries to target-01

Industries to target for potential roles

03Awareness of companies-01

Companies competing for similar talent


Impact of education, experience and certifications on predicted job success

05Ideal locations

Ideal locations to target compatible candidates

02_Proactive recruiting planning

Proactively plan recruitment campaigns

Using Arya talent landscape to compare different hiring parameters before opening a requisition. Arya helps you avoid wasting valuable time on unrealistic talent searches.

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03_Data-driven sourcing

Refine talent searches

Using predictive analytics to collect essential data on compensation, skills, competitors and more. Arya streamlines candidate sourcing.

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04_Geographically focused sourcing strategy

Geographically focus campaigns

To identify key data points associated with specific locations. Using real-time data, Arya continually optimizes intelligence around localized talent pools allowing you to target more compatible candidates.

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05_Drive more efficient talent initiatives

Drive better decision making

By equipping hiring managers with AI-driven data. Arya empowers hiring managers by delivering meaningful market, job and industry data to support sourcing strategies and recommendations.

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