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Expand your talent pipeline with Arya

Arya gives you instant access to more than 150 million active job seekers and 650 million passive candidates, consolidating them from all sources into one easy-to-manage interface, making it easy to rapidly review, shortlist and engage candidates. You can leverage our massive talent pool to supplement your own resources for more aggressive outbound recruiting.

Union 15

Arya adds more than 800m+ candidate profiles to your pipeline.


The Artificial Intuition within Arya finds the candidates most likely to excel in a job.


One simple, consolidated candidate view that’s easy to review and shortlist.

Source candidates

Reduce unconscious bias and promote more diverse talent with built-in diversity options.


Enjoy a communication dashboard to manage talk, text, chat, automated chatbot, and email.


Intelligent job advertising strategically places job ads where the best candidates are most likely to see them.

Expand your pipeline with Arya

Unlock top talent with our intelligent recruiting software.


Access to a global network
of compatible talent

Arya consolidates past and current applicants, active job seekers, job board users, members of accreditation and professional organizations, social networking sites, and our proprietary pool of 800 million+ active and passive candidates. We bring it all together in a single, de-duplicated, and most of all, qualified list of candidates for each job.

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Source more diverse talent right out of the box

Arya helps your organization meet its individual diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals, with no-cost options to fine-tune your diversity goals. There’s no need to pay for specialty job boards or complicate your workflows.

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The power to scale
up your recruiting

You see a single, de-duplicated, scored pipeline from your ATS, job board accounts, and our own proprietary pool of 800 million+ candidates. Arya also learns as you grow and gets even smarter about identifying ideal candidates for similar roles.

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Arya goes beyond
Artificial Intelligence

Don’t settle for candidates that simply match keywords. Our Artificial Intuition goes beyond AI to find candidates most likely to succeed in the job.

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Arya Applicant Tracking Systems

Integrates with your ATS
or VMS

Use an ATS? Arya is built on an open platform, which means it can integrate with many Applicant Tracking Systems and Vendor Management systems to supercharge your recruiting and enable candidate rediscovery.

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Find more compatible candidates with Talent Intelligence.

Discover how Arya goes beyond conventional AI recruiting.