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Leoforce Wins Best Comprehensive Solution for Enterprise at 2023 HR Tech Awards

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The steady pace of evolving HR technology has been transforming the way organizations source and hire talent for quite some time. And with more than 5,000 providers of HR tech in the industry offering different solutions to common HR problems, the real challenge for businesses and enterprise organizations is deciding which platform to choose for their unique hiring needs.

An industry program making enormous strides towards helping businesses choose wisely – is the HR Tech Awards program. Powered by Lighthouse Research & Advisory, one of the industry’s most innovative research firms, the HR Tech Awards highlight HR technology companies that serve employers and employees, garnering hundreds of entries each year from across the globe.

This year’s awards were announced on May 24th, 2023. Leoforce, a leader in HR tech, and the company behind the AI-sourcing platform – Arya, was awarded the “Best Comprehensive Solution for Enterprise” in the Talent Acquisition category. The prestigious award serves as validation that Arya is, indeed, the most comprehensive AI-sourcing tool on the market in a single platform.

“Our entire team has worked so hard to create the ultimate sourcing tool that Arya is, and that’s what makes this award so gratifying. Being recognized by our industry peers and the team at Lighthouse is the icing on the cake,” said CRO Wade Pierson.

About Leoforce and Arya

Founded in 2013 by Madhu Modugu, a pioneer in the HR tech space and founder of one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the U.S. (Spectraforce), Leoforce was one of the first companies to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) into the recruitment and talent acquisition industry. Their flagship product, Arya, is a revolutionary AI sourcing and talent intelligence platform that accurately matches people, jobs, and companies based on deep compatibility.

About the HR Tech Awards

In its’ fourth year, the HR Tech Awards was designed with a singular purpose. To empower HR technology buyers and employers with relevant information about the best solutions to their HR challenges. Award categories include: Talent Acquisition, Employee Experience, Talent Analytics, and others. Within those categories, firms can receive honors for a variety of specialized options, including Best Comprehensive Solution for Enterprise, Best Analytics and Business Impact Solution, Best DEI-Enabling Solution, and more.

With a rigorous judging component featuring a panel of industry experts from across the spectrum, entrants are evaluated in several areas – a live demo of the technology, a client case study, as well as the company behind the solution. This year’s awards recognized approximately 1% of the total number of HR tech providers, a testament to the winners’ ability to deliver tangible solutions to the HR industry.

“In the four years we have done this program, hundreds of HR technology providers have sought to participate in the HR Tech Awards. Our judges strive to select technology solutions that have a real, measurable impact on employers. It’s such a pleasure to be able to congratulate the winners of this year’s program — they represent some of the very best that the industry has to offer,” said Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Ben Eubanks.

Why Arya is a Game Changer in HR Tech

Arya not only combines advanced AI and predictive analytics to provide a deeper, multi-dimensional understanding of people, jobs, and what makes them compatible. It’s also  the only AI talent intelligence platform on the market using multiple machine learning models, 7 multidimensional data points, and 300+ attributes to source, score and rank talent for compatibility empowering you to quickly source and rapidly engage the talent most likely to succeed in every open role. But what truly differentiates Arya from the competition are the recruiting outcomes:

Powerful AI Search and Match – Built on advanced ML models, Arya’s AI powered Talent Intelligence platform uses predictive analytics to match jobs and relevant candidates more accurately than any other ATS or AI tools on the market.

Discover New Talent – With the largest local and global talent database (850M+ active & passive candidates sourced across 70+ platforms), Arya enables the discovery of new talent you may miss using traditional methods.

Reduce Sourcing Time – Arya simultaneously sources, scores, and ranks candidate profiles, presented in a unified list, for 90% of jobs in under 5 mins.

Multiply Interview Pipeline with Scoring & Ranking – The only platform utilizing 7 multidimensional data points and 300+ attributes to score and rank talent, Arya reduces manual review and shortlisting time by 50%, rapidly accelerating your interview pipeline.

Fill Niche and Critical Positions – Arya’s talent intelligence helps recruiters identify and establish the most effective sourcing parameters around key elements including talent cluster in a region, skill set distribution, compensation, and more.

Eliminate Recruitment Bias – Built-in diversity indicators deliver diverse candidates but eliminate bias by maintaining talent scoring and integrity.

Reduce HR Tech Stack Spend – Efficiently engage and source candidates in multiple ways – all from a single dashboard within one platform minimizing costs from multiple tech stacks.

What the Experts are Saying

“Arya by Leoforce is used by enterprise employers to automate repetitive tasks and generate more productive and human interactions with candidates. Leveraged by firms in technology, pharmaceuticals, and other industries, Arya is a talent acquisition team’s best friend.” – Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

A Note from the CEO – Madhu Modugu

“Our mission is not just to find the right candidates for employers. But to also connect candidate to jobs and employers where they feel purposeful and driven. This philosophy is a key component to the effectiveness of our AI solution – which at its’ core is the best of AI technology with a human touch.”

The entire team at Leoforce is both humbled and thrilled to receive this award because it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering a sourcing solution that addresses all the pain points faced by recruiters and HR teams today. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to HR technology, and the benefits of choosing the right platform are plentiful. If you’re ready to increase recruiting efficiency and get an edge over the competition, book your demo today with the award winning, most comprehensive sourcing tool on the market – Arya.

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