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10 Things HR Leaders Are Saying About AI (Artificial Intelligence) Recruiting


What problem is painful enough that a team of people will spend both their money and time to fix it? I read once that 75% of people expect the brands in their life to do something to increase their well-being. What’s the point of their existence if they don’t? Why are they worth our time?

HR Leaders/Brands: listen, respond, help solve a societal issue, and stand for something along the way.
At Arya, we focus on solving a single problem really well; sourcing and securing top talent with A.I. to build better-performing companies.

We listened to the industry. We responded to the need. We’re helping to solve the issue of poor-quality talent in the workplace while bringing direction back into a recruiter’s day and improving a company’s bottom line. We stand for transparency, intelligence, and innovation. Day in and day out. We are built on the foundation of recruiting expertise and we know a recruiter’s pains like the back of our hand. That’s what got us here, to this moment, to making a difference in talent acquisition.

Here’s what 10 top HR and technology leaders in our industry are saying about this painful problem that is worth our time and attention.

1. “We use AI to both enhance and grow our company and also to serve our clients. In fact, our AI capabilities that span a continuum of technologies, when implemented holistically, improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance innovation.” – Paul Daughtery // Accenture CTO

2. “Finding the right fit and mutual evaluation inevitably requires more interaction and more time and energy. And in order to evolve the talent process to meet this new operating environment, companies are leveraging technology to do a lot of the heavy lifting for them.” – Chris Cancialosi // Culture Leader and Entrepreneur

3. “The HR technology market is undergoing one of the most disruptive years it has seen this decade. The HR technology industry is on the precipice of a total reinvention.” – Josh Bersin // Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte

4. “Big data truly is altering the recruitment method in a way that not only makes it more efficient but affords recruiters and hiring companies far greater insight into the recruitment market as a whole.” – Milton Keynes, Principal Consultant with Bateman Fox

5. “The goal of AI in Talent Acquisition is to invite objectivity into a previously subjective process, while simultaneously increasing the speed of screening candidates, minimizing human bias, and helping assess soft skills more precisely.” – Geoff Harris // COO and Co-Founder of JabaTalks

6. “We are going to see the biggest change in the HR profession overall, as analytics start to reinvent the way we work. We are now starting to look for HR professionals that have the capability to understand, interpret, and leverage data — and this is a trend that I believe will continue for a while.” – Dawn Klinghoffer // General Manager of HR Business Insights at Microsoft

7. “Instead of focusing on unbillable research, you can use AI to automate these mundane tasks to allow you to focus on your clients. So, instead of focusing on finding people, you can focus on recruiting people.” – Glen Cathey // SVP, Randstad

8. “HR leaders must increasingly turn to predictive intelligence to transform the HR function. The only way for them to get a seat at the table is by helping business leaders look ahead and anticipate their resource needs long before they need it. That’s the power of predictive analytics.” – Jason Roberts // Vice President, Operations America // Randstad Sourceright

9. “21st Century HR isn’t about playing it safe; it’s about being bold and forward-thinking. It’s about capitalizing on technological advances, new thinking and applying a data-driven and analytical approach to inform people decisions.” – David Green // Global Director, People Analytics Solutions at IBM

10. “The bottom line is, companies are sitting on gold mines of data that can streamline recruiting. AI allows them to run deeper searches, screen more candidates, and make quicker, smarter decisions. They can use intelligence to discover and strive for more. As they embrace artificial intelligence, they become experts in emotional intelligence, putting them one step ahead of the competition.” – Madhu Modugu // CEO and Founder at Arya 

Final thoughts

Companies are increasingly predicating their value prop on artificial intelligence. It’s the name of the game if you want to be a competitor in today’s HR market. It’s worth our time, attention, research and investment.
A.I. is reshaping our world and now, the recruiting industry. Don’t you think that demands something of us? Technology leaders have caught on. HR directors are beginning to pay attention. The innovators have adapted. Now, it’s your turn. What are you waiting for? Are you doing something to increase your clients’ well-being?  Will your company survive industry disruption?

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